Happy to have summer again!

Sunday, June 4, 2017 13:20
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Well, we didn’t have a bad winter here this year (which is something), but I’m happy my wife is finishing up the school year and we can get to our summer fun!





Still Treads the Shadow

Sunday, April 30, 2017 19:40
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Vic Mignogna posted this new Star Trek episode recently.

By this point, his crew knows how to do a TOS-style Star Trek episode about as well as Gene Roddenberry; and when it comes to matching the look and feel of the original series, “Still Treads” doesn’t disappoint, with a Kirk story that serves as a sequel to “The Tholian Web” and includes an old fling, old age, an argument with a computer, and a triple role for Mignogna as young Kirk, old Kirk, and computer-Kirk.

But despite being Star Trek to its core, it’s not all that exciting of an episode.

“Treads” includes three ships, an intelligent machine, and an alternate timeline that collides with the prime universe; but at its heart, it’s a character-driven story with the psyche of the two Kirks taking center stage. There are some wonderful moments as the two Kirks interact with the crew and each other. But there’s no question how everything has to end, and the pieces fall into place just as you would probably expect as the episode plods towards its conclusion.

The truth is that Mignogna and his team succeed in replicating TOS in great part because their show doesn’t attempt to exceed the scope of Roddenberry’s original vision; but that does limit what they can do. In the end, “Treads” is another Star Trek Continues episode that’s just par for the course.

By Jove!

Thursday, February 23, 2017 16:55
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We’ve had fairly decent February weather in Wisconsin lately, so I got up at 4am this morning to check out the cosmos in my telescope. There were no bugs and no Moon (which tends to obscure the stars), so I had a great time! The star of the night (pardon the scientifically inaccurate pun) was Jupiter and its moons. Check them out!



Thursday, February 16, 2017 22:20
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Had some fun in the Windy City with my wife.











In a New York State of Mind

Sunday, January 1, 2017 16:09
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I went to New York for Christmas and had a lot of fun.



At Madison Square Garden



At the One World Trade Center



Times Square


So about our President-elect…

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 20:07
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I can’t accept a bigoted President who bullies and lies, so I wrote a protest song about Donald Trump. I’m going to send a copy to my Congressman, Paul Ryan:


Trick or Treat!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 11:36
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Lady Galadriel handed out candy at my house for Halloween! (I’ll add a pic of my wife as she normally looks too.)





Embracing the Winds

Friday, September 30, 2016 15:44
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Vic Mignogna and his friends came out with a new Star Trek episode earlier this month that I didn’t have a chance to review for the book.  Here, however, I’ll share the episode and my review!

After a starship loses its crew under mysterious circumstances, Kirk must help choose its next Captain: and it’s come down to Spock and the female Commander Garrett.

Air date: September 3, 2016

Teleplay by James Kerwin and Vic Mignogna

Story by James Kerwin

Directed by James Kerwin

The winds of change blow for us, and I do not envy the decision Starfleet now faces.” – Tellarite Ambassador

Plunging head on into TOS’s misogyny, this Kirk episode essentially says “Yes, women have been mistreated, and yes, we should have more women in charge; but that doesn’t necessarily mean this woman should be in charge.” And that makes you wonder if its some kind of 2016 Election allegory. (If so, the level headed, logical Mr. Spock is hardly the right character to use as a stand-in for Donald Trump.) But like TOS, you can forget about the specific real life events from the time it was made and and appreciate the story for its timelessness, with its issues not bound to any one period, showing up in new packaging with each successive generation. It’s not just about prejudice against women and the danger of a woman receiving favorably treatment in reaction to to it; it’s about all oppressed groups who attempt to shatter their own glass ceilings and face increased scrutiny as a result.

While Mignogna’s given plenty to do in the episode, it’s Todd Haberkorn who really ups his game, with his best Spock performance yet. Like Nimoy, he somehow manages to balance an unemotional front while letting his ego and emotions slip through at opportune times. Meanwhile, Clare Kramer (who played Glory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) plays his female competition with just the opposite approach: beneath her passion, she occasionally lets some logic peek out.

Filling out the A story, Erin Gray (from Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons) reprises a recurring role as Commodore Gray and longtime character actor Beau Billingslea (who plays Captain Abbott in Star Trek: Into Darkness) steps into the shoes of Vice Admiral Stomm, a Vulcan. But writer Kerwin gives the remaining cast plenty to do as well, with the Enterprise assigned to a salvage operation that gives Chekov (Wyatt Lenhart) a B story that eventually ties into the rest of the episode.

Like all Mignogna’s Star Trek work, the TOS feel permeates the product, with some beautiful new sets and backdrops, including a stunning cityscape reminiscent of “The Menagerie”, and a score that uses tried and true music cues while mixing in some new themes. And yet there’s also enough new looks and ideas to see Star Trek moving forward.

Final Grade: B

Did you know? A then 17 year old Erin Gray was one of the dancers in Leonard Nimoy’s infamous Ballad of Bilbo Baggins video.

New Review of The Kirk Years

Friday, September 30, 2016 13:01
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There are some pointed criticisms here of my new book, but I can’t disagree with them. Mostly, it’s a positive review, and that pleases me:

Trek Today’s Trekker’s Guide Review

My First Star Trek Book is Now Available!

Friday, September 9, 2016 7:17
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The Trekker’s Guide to the Kirk Years is now available! This one celebrates Star Trek’s fiftieth birthday with tons of episode analyses, photos, interviews, and even some never before heard stories about the actors from the Original Series. In the U.S., it’s available in kindle for $2.99 and paperback for $14.99. Here’s a look inside….








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