Still Treads the Shadow

April 30, 2017

Vic Mignogna posted this new Star Trek episode recently.

By this point, his crew knows how to do a TOS-style Star Trek episode about as well as Gene Roddenberry; and when it comes to matching the look and feel of the original series, “Still Treads” doesn’t disappoint, with a Kirk story that serves as a sequel to “The Tholian Web” and includes an old fling, old age, an argument with a computer, and a triple role for Mignogna as young Kirk, old Kirk, and computer-Kirk.

But despite being Star Trek to its core, it’s not all that exciting of an episode.

“Treads” includes three ships, an intelligent machine, and an alternate timeline that collides with the prime universe; but at its heart, it’s a character-driven story with the psyche of the two Kirks taking center stage. There are some wonderful moments as the two Kirks interact with the crew and each other. But there’s no question how everything has to end, and the pieces fall into place just as you would probably expect as the episode plods towards its conclusion.

The truth is that Mignogna and his team succeed in replicating TOS in great part because their show doesn’t attempt to exceed the scope of Roddenberry’s original vision; but that does limit what they can do. In the end, “Treads” is another Star Trek Continues episode that’s just par for the course.

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