Beatles on Sullivan: 50th Anniversary

February 9, 2014

Tonight is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance on Ed Sullivan. I watched the whole episode this evening, and here are some observations:

1. John’s mic was just about dead. You could hardly hear him!
2. Star Trek was well represented two years before it was born: after the Beatles performed, three Star Trek guest stars appeared. Frank Gorshin (alien in original series) did impressions, Georgia Brown (Worf’s Mom in TNG) sang, and Charles Brill (Tribble-hating guest star in original series and Deep Space Nine) did a comedy routine.
3. One of the kids Georgia Brown sang with was future Monkee Davy Jones.
4. Ed Sullivan really came off here seeming like a school principal dealing with excited kids on the last day of school.
5. The 1964 Winter Olympics ended this day, and Ed announced that only one American won a gold medal, speedskater Terry McDermott. McDermott, in the crowd to watch the Beatles, stood up and acknowledged the applause.

Bonus observation: as the episode came to an end, Ed mentioned that the next episode would be broadcast from Miami and mentioned something about a Liston/Clay fight that would take place there, too. Ed promised to have the winner on his show (which I don’t believe ever happened!)

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