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Star Trek Discovery

Saturday, September 30, 2017 16:08
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So Star Trek Discovery has been released to the world, with its first episode airing on CBS. (Subsequent episodes are available on CBS All Access, a $6 per month streaming service.) It was the first time one of the big three networks aired a Star Trek episode in about half a century. But is the episode any good?

Thankfully yes. The plot was easy enough to follow while still being engaging, and the characters were interesting in their own right. That said, I’m not sure why the series needs to be set before The Original Series; and I’m a bit baffled as to why they give us redesigned Klingons. I just wonder why the show doesn’t set itself in the 25th Century and present their redesigned Klingons as a new enemy. As a bonus, the show could do whatever it wanted, freed up from 23rd Century continuity, and its gee whiz effects would make more sense.

But what do I know?


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