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Visiting My New Niece

Sunday, March 23, 2014 15:24
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I’m in Brooklyn visiting my new niece – isn’t she adorable?



Saturday, March 22, 2014 6:08
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I saw Divergent. It was mildly entertaining but nothing special. Shailene Woodley is great as the lead, but I didn’t care much for heartthrob Theo James and found myself missing Robert Pattinson as the resident hunk. Overall, it comes across as a poor man’s Hunger Games.

Lawyers & Bills

Thursday, March 20, 2014 6:05
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Funny story: I got a message on my voice mail from a lawyer saying I was past due on a bill, and I urgently needed to call his number so we could work out a deal. I ignored it. When I got the same message a couple more times, I looked up the number on the internet and found out the lawyer was real but his spiel is a scam. So the next time he called, I answered, and he introduced himself and said he needed my name, phone number, and credit card info. (The phone number request was especially silly since HE called ME.) I told him my name was “go &#@# your momma and don’t call me again.” He hasn’t called back.

But hence you think only a lawyer would do this sort of thing, let me give you Exhibit B: After I dumped my phone & internet provider, they sent me a bill for not returning their equipment back to them. I had a receipt proving that I did, and when I shared this with them, they told me that they had made a mistake, and that what I needed to do was to pay the bill so they could credit my account, after which they’d send me a check so I could get my money back. I said, “Wait a second, you want me to send you money so you can send me my money back?” “Yes sir.” “Are you from Nigeria?” “No sir”.

I called back the next day, got someone else, and got the bill cancelled.

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