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The Hobbit Delayed

Monday, March 29, 2010 7:37

Wondering why we haven’t heard any news about the new Hobbit films lately? is reporting that the potential sale of MGM, the studio that holds the distribution rights to the films, has been delaying the production of the films.

“It appears the two films will not get funded and a green light from the studios until the MGM financial affairs are settled.”

Here’s the full article.

The Mundane Side of CGI

Saturday, March 27, 2010 21:04 has a great article up about the boring side of CGI. You won’t see these CGI issues mentioned in the special features of your favorite DVDs and Blu-ray discs, but as the article says, these things make many modern films possible.

My Favorite Film

Thursday, March 25, 2010 11:39

Many readers have said that they would have liked to have seen more of my opinions in my book The Lord of the Films. The truth is, I didn’t load the book down with my opinions because I wanted the reader to be able to keep his her or her opinions while reading, without me saying those opinions are wrong, and making my thoughts seem definitive. There are places in the book I offer my thoughts on changes to Tolkien’s story, what parts of the films work and what parts I think weren’t the best, but I don’t come right out and say, “This is my least favorite scene in the trilogy!”. Because what about the poor guy who cherishes the scene above all others and to whom it holds a special meaning? I would never want to insult him like that.

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The AP talks Hobbit

Monday, March 22, 2010 17:34
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The Associated Press has a new article about The Hobbit movies today. You can read about it at yahoo here.

It’s basically the same information I have in my book The Lord of the Films. As usual, it continues the press’s tradition of misspelling Middle-earth as “Middle Earth”.

Ringers Mistake

Sunday, March 21, 2010 19:46
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When a book is missing a letter it doesn’t sound like a big deal. When that letter is in the address of a website, however, it’s a pretty bad mistake! In my book The Lord of the Films, I gave the wrong address for the website where you can buy the documentary Ringers: Lord of the Fans (2005). I said you could get it at… which sells ringtones! What it should have said is

I feel really bad about this one because the film’s director, who asked me to include the address of the website, helped me out with the book so much! I can only say I’m sorry.

My Top Ten Favorite Fantasy Scores

Friday, March 19, 2010 16:14
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What would fantasy films be without killer musical scores? Well, I suppose they’d be The Princess Bride (1987), which is actually a pretty good movie. But a great score… one that not only sustains the fantasy world for the duration of the film but makes you feel the magic and the sorcery, makes you feel like you’re flying or battling a dragon or casting a spell… that’s the one element that can elevate even a poor script or poor acting. And when you have a great score teamed a great script and great acting, that’s what gives the goosebumps. Here are my ten favorite fantasy scores.

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Getting Back in the Hobbit of Things

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 17:32
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According to this article, Ian McKellen expects The Hobbit to begin shooting this coming June.

“Filming will take place throughout 2010 in New Zealand, with director Guillermo Del Toro renovating the elaborate Hobbiton village sets in Matamata for the movie, which is expected to be shot over 370 days and released in two parts.”

Lord of the Films Review

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 17:25

Here is Rene Garcia’s review of The Lord of the Films for Buzzine, posted at his website.

I like this review, because Rene understands that the format of the book wasn’t handed to me, and gives me credit for how I organized the whole thing.

The Beatles CD Collection Part 3

Sunday, March 14, 2010 19:33
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So today I turn my attention to the post breakup CD releases.

The Beatles 1962 – 1966 (1973)

Red Album cover

This was known as “the red album” back in the day, and I wish I would have had it growing up. It has all the Beatles hits from… well, you can probably guess by the title. It covers their touring days, so it goes from their first single and album to Revolver, covering all their best stuff. I can’t argue with the selections, though I don’t know why they didn’t choose more. It’s a double album, but it only has sixty minutes of music total. What’s up with that? Also, the CD is over twenty years old, and doesn’t have that great of sound quality compared to today’s releases.

Favorite Tracks: All of them, of course!

Tracks I dislike: None

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The Beatles CD Collection Part 2

Saturday, March 13, 2010 19:07

Here we go with the second of my three part Beatles post. This will cover their studio years. Just so you know, I’m going to cover the albums in the order they were recorded as opposed to released, because that’s how I listen to them.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (1967)

Sgt. Pepper's Cover

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