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With the same care and attention he poured into The Lord of the Films, J.W. Braun is hard at work on his next project: a scene by scene guide to the Star Trek movies and five additional books covering every episode for every Star Trek television series. From the roots of the original television show to the latest film, Braun will guide you through the complex Star Trek universe, sorting out the onstage, backstage, and sidestage happenings that turned Star Trek into one of the greatest cultural phenomenons in the history of entertainment.

“Like Tolkien’s books, Star Trek now manifests as a gigantic, intricate tapestry,” Braun says. “With six different television shows, some people prefer various Star Trek incarnations to others; but nearly everyone likes some part of it. What is needed is someone with a complete knowledge of Star Trek and an organized mind with a knack for storytelling to pull it all together in one package for everyone to enjoy. And one of my favorite aspects of The Lord of the Films is how it appeals simultaneously to the ‘seen the films a hundred times’ crowd and the ‘saw those and thought they were interesting’ regular folks. The Star Trek books will be written the same way.”

With work already underway, Braun’s plans include:

  • Film’s Final Frontier; covering all the Star Trek movies
  • The Trekker’s Guide to the Kirk Years
  • The Trekker’s Guide to the Picard Years
  • The Trekker’s Guide to the Sisko Years
  • The Trekker’s Guide to the Janeway Years
  • The Trekker’s Guide to the Archer Years
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"Braun understands both the joy and the absurdity of Star Trek and neatly packages his insight and wit into his books." - Chris Tolman Grey HR Line

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