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J.W. Braun was born in the area where Dungeons and Dragons was invented and became fascinated by fantasy before he had a handle on reality. As a boy in the 1980s, he developed a love of Tolkien’s works at an early age, falling in love with The Lord of the Rings before even discovering girls. Braun later became a charter member of The Lord of the Rings Fan Club, and (as the blockbuster Peter Jackson movies came to fruition) he became a frequent contributer to the Lord of the Rings Fan Club magazines as well as and Braun is married, enjoys sports, reading, playing the piano and spending time with his wife and dog.

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"J.W. Braun, an eminently qualified aficionado of the movies, offers readers a dragon's lair of information
about the creation, production and marketing of the [Lord of the Rings] films as well as the cultural
zeitgeists surrounding each theatrical release." - Chris Morgan, Scene Magazine
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